Thursday, 24 September 2009

A message from the Leonard Cohen Boycott Israel campaign

Well the day has arrived! Tonight despite all our efforts and the efforts of many other groups and individuals, Leonard Cohen will perform his concert in Tel Aviv. Thanks to all who signed the petition and commented on the blogs. We cannot stop the concert at this late stage obviously, but think it still worthwhile to ask you to sign the petition if you haven't done so yet and to continue to circulate it for a while in order to provide a place where people can voice their concern and disaproval.

It is the fact we think that it is due to his integrity and the deep respect and affection in which Leonard is held, that makes it all the more disappointing that he has chosen to ignore the appeals to him on this issue. That however is his choice and it does seem that he sincerely believes it to be the right thing to do. Obviously we can now only accept that decision.

As you probably know Leonard was stricken with a bout of illness recently and had to come off stage at Valencia and discontinue the performance after collapsing. Happily he has recovered and is said to be fit and well. I'm sure, despite our differences with him and his management, we all wish him continuing good health and when this marathon tour finally comes to an end in the U.S. that he can retire and enjoy a long and full life.

The proceeds of tonight's concert will go to charity, in particular to a worthy organisation called The Parents Circle which is both a support group for parents who have lost children to the violence in both Israel and Palestine and a peace and reconciliation group which connects people on both sides of the divide. A very worthwhile cause, ultimately though no matter how good the intentions of the people involved, and they certainly are good, there can be no real and lasting peace for everyone and justice for the Palestinians until all the walls, real and metaphorical, are torn down and the Palestinians can be assured of their place alongside the Israelis with all their lands restored to them. Therefore a continuing international boycott of Israel is unfortunately necessary.

The New York Times has published an informative but bland article on the concert today at

Watch this space and presumably many other spaces for reports and reviews of the concert.

Please post up your own reviews and opinions on the concert too.


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  1. I've just put online a set of photos from the concert tonight. I'm glad to share them here despite the fact you have been actively working to deprive me of this rare treat.

    I read your post. As usual, the same one-sided propaganda that does little more but serve as evidence for how shallow most of the demagoguery spouted by self acclaimed so called liberals really is.

    I'd like to remind you that in the 1973 "Yom Kippur" war, when Israel was viciously attacked by it's "peace loving" neighbors, on Judaism most holy day, Mr. Cohen chose to come to Israel and play voluntarily for the embattled troops. Maybe you should boycott him too?

    ...anyway here are the PHOTOS.

    ...Now i respectfully suggest you hit those history books and get an opinion that's based on facts and not propaganda.

    Sure it's hard work but you'll find that it's good for your character...